Monday, August 17, 2009

Manipur MLAs asked to resign : Stop Tipai Dam project: Affected Villages body

The New Nation

The Tipaimukh Dam Affected Villages Committee, Nungba Sub-area, Tamenglong on Friday strongly condemned all 60 Members of Legislative Assembly, Manipur for their failure to take up a substantial debate in the just concluded Monsoon Assembly and leaving ways for New Delhi to decide the fate and future especially of the affected communities of proposed Tipaimukh Project.

Terming Tipaimukh as the most controversial and biggest single project being imposed upon Manipur which will have far reaching consequences for generations to come the committee alleged that the responsibility and accountability of elected representative has been replaced by a sense of servitude who are all out for forced submission, according to a message received from Manipur.

As elected representatives, the committee observed, their first and foremost obligation is to frame policies and laws that suit the people of Manipur to ensure peaceful co-existence, with freedom from dislocations, displacement and ensure better life. The very purpose of these 60 odd MLAs has been diluted, and have demeaned the office they hold.

The Controversial damming of Barak River to contain flood water in Cachar Valley at the cost of Manipur and Mizoram have reached a new dimension. The British House of Commons did discuss the matter and asked the Government of India to down the damming project.

Bangladesh has strongly objected and went event to the extent of sending their own parliamentary team to ascertain their apprehensions. United States of America and China too have responded for talks to resolve the conflict the Dam has generated. Whereas, these 60 odd MLAs of so called Manipur State of India have no nothing to say, the committee observed.

In 1995, the Manipur Assembly, having learnt that the proposed dam site fall under seismologically active zone, the environmental hazard to be caused is too heavy and the rehabilitation and resettlement package is extremely inadequate, had adopted a strongly

worded resolution opposing the damming of Barak River, and later in 1997, similar resolution was adopted.

The committee said on 9 January 2003, without taking into confidence House and people of Manipur, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between Government of Manipur and North Eastern Electric Power Corporation, Ltd. then with NHPC. In other words, the Assembly have never cleared the project which was earlier rejected on two counts.

The Committee demands that this controversial and anti-people Tipaimukh Dam Project be scrapped otherwise the 60 MLAs resign en-mass. Let the Chief Minister and Power Minister lead the way. The Committee will join hands with other would-be-affected communities and other organisations demanding for scrapping of the Tipaimukh Dam Project, the message signed by Lumgaipou Kamei, convenor, Tipaimukh Dam Affected Committee.

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