Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rumour in Sylhet: Low water flow in Surma, Kushiara for dam at upstream

Ehsanul Haque Jasim
August 22, 2009

When the people of the country particularly the people of greater Sylhet area are concerned of the adverse impact of proposed Tipaimukh dam at the upper reaches of rivers Surma and Kushiara, at that time cannels, bills, hoars and small rivers of the area are facing water crisis even before the beginning of the construction of the dam by India.

Due to the present water crisis, tension heightened among the people of the area and they have been expressing concern that when the construction of Tipaimukh dam will be completed, how will be the conditions of Surma-Kushiara and other water bodies?

Meanwhile a rumour has spread among the people of Sylhet area that the construction of Tipaimukh dam by India on Borak River has already been completed and due to that the water crisis in the area has been created.

Common people of the area believe the rumour and the tension has increased among them. The rumour and tension are increasing day by day.

Hundreds of canals and rivers including the rivers Surma and Kushiara flowing through Sylhet are now facing low water flow.

Sabbir Ahmed Apu, a youth of Zakigonj, told this reporter that the rainy season is running and usually the river Surma and Kushiara do not suffer from water crisis in the season. But this year it is an exception that the two rivers are suffering water crisis. Due to water crisis the general people believe the rumour of completion of Tipaimukh dam.

When asked a boatman of Surma river Yunus Ali, told 'we know that the Indian government has completed the Tipaimukh dam construction. So there is no sufficient water in the river even being rainy season.'

He also told that they were ready to respond to the call of the government or other quarters to stand against the construction of the dam.

Md Nijam Uddin, resident on the bank of Kushiara River, told 'I believe that the water crisis is created due to Tipaimukh dam and the Indian government has finished the dam construction without informing Bangladesh,'

Abdul Hamid Manik, a journalist of Zakigonj, told that the rumour has spread due to water crisis in the rivers Surma and Kushiara and other water bodies of greater Sylhet area.

Officials of Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) informed that the Sylhet area were facing water crisis due to insufficient rain this year and creating char at the confluence of Surma and Kushiara River.

In every dry season a huge char is created at Amalshid in Sylhet at No-mans land of Bangladesh-India border. So BWDB can not implement dredging project without the consent of India.


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