Thursday, August 13, 2009

Razzaq claims 3 'achievements' from Tipai visit

The head of Tipaimukh dam site visit team, Abdur Razzaq, today said they achieved three successes from their last month's visit.

"We've got assurance from the Indian government that Tipaimukh project will not be for irrigation and no structure will be built in lower areas.

"India also assured to give us information on how much water they will release from the river Barak in summer," Razzaq said at a press briefing.

Razzaq, also the chairman of the parliamentary standing committee on water resources ministry, said the Indian government never gave such data in last 40 years what Bangladesh got this time.

The 10-member team went to India on July 29 to see the site of the proposed Indian project at Tipaimukh but could not land on the site thanks to heavy rain.

The team flew over the site but could not see any structure in the area.

The AL advisory board member said they presented a report to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on the outcomes of their visit.


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