Monday, June 15, 2009

BNP to film effects of Tipaimukh Dam

Staff Reporter

The Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) is going to make a documentary film to highlight the adverse effects of Tipaimukh Dam by neighbouring India.

"We will make a documentary film projecting probable damages by the dam," Dr Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, standing committee member of BNP told journalists yesterday at his Segunbaghicha office in the capital.

Tipaimukh Dam might cause havoc on Bangladesh rivers and the environment, he said adding that the film will be screened at home and abroad to sensitise people everywhere of the threats the proposed dam poses.

Replying to a question on reported unhappiness among party leaders and activists in some districts just after declaration of the convening committees, Dr Mosharraf said, " It is an interim arrangement and the leadership crisis of the convening committees at a few places would be resolved soon".

Admitting 'competition and conflict' among young leaders vying for the post of different organisations of BNP Dr Mosharraf said, "Such conflict would end when the effective leadership would come through the party councils".

He said the convening committees are an interim arrangement and the leadership's crises at a few places would be resolved soon.

Responding to another query whether there would be change in the post of secretary general, Mosharraf said only the party chairperson could appoint or change a secretary general.

He said that he would welcome any proposal of selecting a secretary general through the central council.

He also said that the ruling Awami League -led grand alliance government was keeping the opposition from joining the ongoing parliamentary session.

"It seems that a seat in the front row in parliament is more precious to the government rather than bringing back the main opposition to the parliament," he added.


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