Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vow to resist construction of Tipaimukh Dam

Staff Correspondent

The construction of Tipaimuk Dam on Barak River will be resisted at any cost and the government will be forced by countrywide movement to raise its voice against this evil plan of India.

The sentiment was expressed by the members of civil society, teachers of different universities, politicians, social activists, environment specialists and lawyers on Monday at a national seminar on “Tipaimukh dam: Bangladesh’s Responsibilities” organised by Soroma, Kushiara and Meghna save movement at the National Press Club yesterday.

The speakers said India is going to complete the construction of Tipaimukh dam in 2012 for diverting waters of Barak unilaterally. India wants to ensure agricultures in dryer areas of Hariana, Rajisthan and Gujrat a hub of their modern agriculture. If they start diverting water through the barrage, normal flow and availability of water of country’s around 57 rivers will be lost and country’s north-east area will become a desert within a very short time.

During the seminar Barkat Ali teacher of Geography and Environment Science at Chittagonj University in his presentation said if India starts to divert water through this barrage, in dry season, the normal water flow of Meghna River will decrease by 80 percent and in rainy season it will decrease by 25 percent. Due to this, around five crore people of greater Sylhet district will face severe water crisis.

If India diverts water, Bangladesh will incur financial loss to Tk one billion every year. Around 50 percent river communication system, agriculture, fisheries, industries and socio-economical structures will also be destroyed which will bring hydrological change and climatological disaster in the country, he also said.

Economist Mozaffar Ahmed said the Indian decision for constructing barrage on Barak River is a violation of international river Act and the declaration of United Nation. “It is our national crisis as well as international issue. So, we have to launch countrywide massive movement unitedly and pressure on the government will have to be mounted to raise voice against Indian step,” he said.

He said the government has decided to send parliamentary team to conduct survey in the areas. Specialised manpower will have to be included in the team. If the government fails to stop the construction of Tipaimukh Dam the lawmakers and ministers should step down from the government for the greater interest of country’s natural resources, democracy and sovereignty.

SI Khan former environmentalist and researcher of United Nation said an agreement for due share of Ganges water will have to be signed between Bangladesh, India Nepal and Bhutan where United Nation will play a vital role in ensuring distributing of waters among the countries.

Asafuddowlah former secretary of water resources ministry said Indian High Commissioner is trying to make Bangladesh understand that the India is going to construct a dam on Barak River only for generating 1500 megawatt electricity. But Tipaimuk dam or barrage whatever it will be the deathtrap of the countrymen. India is going to build another Farakka in a planned way.


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