Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Utterances of Indian High Comissioner

M.T. Hussain, Dhaka.

Indian High Commissioner Pinak Ranjan Chakavarty's audacity exceeded all norms of minimum decorum of a gentleman, let alone of a diplomat. That he claimed that the Bangladeshi experts had no authentic information and facts about the Tipaimukh Dam of India is the latest example of his audacity and deep hatred shown not only against the patriotic civil society but also against the people of Bangladesh.

It seems Mr. Pinak Has by now developed a habit of talking bush which only represents his bad taste.

On the Ganges water issue, in another occasion, he also reminded us that Bangladesh should not raise any voice but must remain happy whatever lower quantity of water they have been releasing down the Farakka Barrage point for Bangladesh during lean season than the quantum mentioned in the schedule of the 30 years treaty.

He keeps on saying things almost as a hate Bangladesh active politician of India bashing Bangladesh's voices of national interests that goes against them understandably to keep Awami thinking perspectives and morale high in complete tune to serve India's hegemonic interest best. One must wonder if the Bengali Pinak keeps on making all offensives against Bangladesh, because he has a perfect rapport with the present administration in Dhaka.

I, for one, must ask the government to reprimand Pinak for such undiplomatic attitude without further delay and also should request Delhi to withdraw Pinak from the position in Dhaka. Otherwise, I am afraid, the friendly relations of Bangladesh with India are certain to be seriously dented.

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