Friday, June 12, 2009

Galloway Slams British Government on Indian Tipaimukh Dam

Respect MP George Galloway recently has condemned the “lazy complacency” of the British Foreign Office with regard to the Tipaimukh Dam, the construction of which by the Indian Government Galloway described as like “the deployment of a weapon of mass destruction aimed at Bangladesh”.

Galloway, who represents many constituents of Bangladeshi origin as well as many who own land and property in the Bangladesh area of Sylhet, had pressed the British government to “stand up for British citizens whose property interests in Sylhet were imperilled”.

But in a written parliamentary answer today FCO minister Ivan Lewis said it “was a matter between the Indian and Bangladesh governments”.

George Galloway responded, “This huge dam – which is opposed by environmental campaigns in India itself – is to be built on a fault line just one mile from the Bangladesh border.”

“If there should be an earthquake along that fault line, the whole of Sylhet could be flooded and destroyed. The area would be uninhabitable, fifty million people would be on the move. Many of these people have relatives in Britain . Many British citizens have business and property interests at risk in the potential deluge. They deserved better from the British Government than this lazy and complacent shrug from the Foreign Office,” said the Galloway this afternoon.

There will be a demonstration led by George Galloway outside the Indian High Commission at Aldwych on Friday June 12th at 3pm against the proposed dam.


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