Monday, July 20, 2009

BNP's Tipai data flawed: Razzak

The information about the proposed Tipaimukh dam that BNP gave yesterday was incorrect, imaginary and motivated, said Abdur Razzak, head of the team to visit Tipai.

At a press conference at the media center of the parliament today, Abdur Razzak said the information was meant to mislead people.

Razzak will lead a 10-member team that will go to Tipai on July 29 for six days.

He said the government wanted to include two MPs from the BNP as Opposition Leader Khaleda Zia offered to work together with the government on national issues.

Razzak also blamed the BNP for concealing information about the Tipaimukh Hydro Electric (multipurpose) Project.

Citing a survey conducted by SMC Lavalin International, Northwest Hydrolic Consultant Limited and four consultant firms about the impact of Tipaimukh Dam, Razzak said the dam would rather put positive impact on Bangladesh.

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