Friday, July 10, 2009

Tipaimukh dam

Shafiqul Islam, NY

Whatever my rivals do are bad and whatever we do are good. We also believe, whatever we say and whatever we preach, the people overwhelmingly believe and support us. So, the people are with us always and will remain so, all the time. Anything good done by other than us for peoples' welfare is not acceptable to the people because they do not understand their own good or bad. We love the country most while the others are out to sell out the very interest of the country. We still believe the election result of 29 Dec'08 was managed, people actually voted for us but others were declared elected with the help of some foreign hands.

The BNP has no confidence in other experts except their own five whom they can trust. So, they have forwarded five names of experts who should be included in the fact finding team to study the after effects of Indian projected Tipaimukh dam. I suggest the government accept their demand.

Tipaimukh dam is not a new project of India. The Indian High Commissioner in Dhaka has categorically said that the BNP did not raise any objection while they were in power. Suddenly, their love is spilling over for the country and they are trying to mobilise support against the dam. The BNP leader has reportedly written a letter to the Indian Prime Minister to stop the work. Is it not her crocodile tears to draw cheap sympathy from the public?

Some so-called intellectuals helped them change the course of history. These intellectuals' love for the country is undisputed. So their love for their leaders is absolute. They can deliver services to the people by serving their leaders with guidelines.

I believe the suggested water experts will render a good service by creating more confusion than and good as did those die-hard supporters of the BNP.


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