Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tipaimukh dam means war, says HPC(D)

The Imphal Free Press

The proposed Tipaimukh Multipurpose Hydroelectric Project is a war imposed on the indigenous Hmar people and various other communities who shared the river, downstream as well as upperstream, the Hmar People`s Convention (D) has said in a press release.

The power-hungry governments and dam builders in India who were driven by capitalist interests, in their blind pursuit for profit making and securing energy in distant foreign land, are poised to cross into indigenous peoples territory to dam the two life-giving rivers, Tuiruong and Tuivai. They don`t have the approval and consent of the people in whose land the dam is proposed. We are closely watching their every move, it said.

The HPC (D) shall never tolerate and allow their efforts to bear any fruit, it added.

The rivers that nurse and feed our honoured generations before shall continue to flow for all the generations to come. We cannot allow the rivers to be disturbed and are obligated to see that no outsiders, their forces and might will dam, destroy or disturb the natural flow of the rivers of life, it stated.

It also appealed to the visiting Bangladeshi parliamentary delegates to steadfastly share the concern to save river Tuiruong and Tuivai for all purposes; to work together for collective good; to save the rivers from irreparable damage and public calamity.

The HPC(D) is also responsible for destroying NEEPCO`s drilling machine in the year 2008, the release from Lalthutlung Hmar, northern command of the Hmar Peoples Convention (Democratic) said

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